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Chili flakes are crushed, coarsely ground chili. Some varieties are processed without kernels or seeds to improve the taste, but do not make the dishes very spicy. On the other hand, other varieties contain seeds and are therefore more pungent.

It is becoming more and more common that in pizzerias, in addition to the classic ketchup and Tabasco sauces, you can find glass jars filled with red pepper flakes or crushed chili. Ever wonder what red chili flakes really are? Today we are going to reveal it to you….

At first glance, these flakes might look like a mixture of dried chilies like arbol, guajillo or ancho, or right?

However, there are some versions that indicate that it could be red pepper (the name by which chili peppers are known in other parts of the world) and, of course, it appears on some labels.

Actually, the most used ingredient to make this product is cayenne pepper, although it can vary, depending on the brand and company where you buy the flakes.

Although if you cannot differentiate them, you just have to look at them and you will immediately notice that the chili flakes are distinguished because they maintain a uniform color and the pepper seeds will contain various shades.

In the jar of crushed red pepper flakes you will only be able to recognize those seeds that are lighter in color than those mixed with the dried and powdered meat of the peppers.


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